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Brand Identity Design

Are you looking for the best brand identity design services? In case the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. We at Pixelhen work with the best designers in India, and globally, are going to you take your corporate brand identity to a completely new level.


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Brand Identity

The most valuable and intangible asset of your organization – it's BRAND. The quality enriched by the mark of a logo, name, term, design or any other feature that distinguishes one from others is what we try to create at Pixelhen, and is served to customers on a platter.

The presence of an organization on the global map is fashioned and crafted at the backyard of Pixelhen. The resultant outcome is what organizations reap through their flourishing business and the revenues bracketed together with them.

We at Pixelhen, set a distinctive tone among the target audience, through brand identity design. We prioritize on your brand's vision and enable it with a character of its own. Our consultant network consists of highly creative designers, illustrators, and digital artists who are capable of blending together color palettes, logo design, and company name and also focusing on your brand's capability to narrate itself.

Our core philosophy towards every service has been to conduct strenuous research before taking action. We believe that a comprehensive understanding of the industry, product, or service transcends to a strong brand message and brand voice. We incorporate a distinctive approach which is capable of differentiating your brand from its rivals.

We as the best brand Identity design agency from Bangalore,India set directions for the visual elements that make up your brand—your logo, color palette, typography, stationery, website, and all future collaterals.


We Offer

Brand Identity Design Services

We are associated with the most superlative idenity designers globally.

Logo Design

Invoking and evoking messaging combined with a creative design enabling your logo to communicate its presence for all audiences at every level.

At Pixelhen, we induce a thoughtful and balanced approach to logo design service, allowing us to reinforce your values into every aspect of your logo and make you distinctive in the competitive markets.

We inspect and evaluate your business and assemble the right minds to enable the most creative craftsmanship for your logo design.

  •   Communicate who you are and what you value as a brand
  •   Trendy, clean, uncluttered, and communicative logo design
  •   Industry standard creative designs ideology
  •   Memorable, impactful and scalable logo design


Brand Collateral Design

Creative and ingenious designs crafted to elevate your brand in an eloquent manner to your market and customers.

Our creative teams articulate and design your brand collaterals embedding the core values, personality, and objectives of your brand. We tactfully integrate the most integral elements into your brand collaterals, helping enhance the perceived value of your offering and brand. Our creative teams consider planning and research with the foremost importance and execute the design process with great sincerity.

A few specialties we offer

  •   Business Card Design
  •   Letterheads Design
  •   Brochures Design
  •   Sales Presentations Design
  •   Ebook's and Downloadables Design
  •   Company Profiles Design
  •   Newsletter Design
  •   Flyer Design


Photography & Videography

We create a visual aura for your brand through creative photography and videography.

We understand your brand and business and strategies content that engages your audience. We do it all from conceptualization to execution, and our creative consultant network is well equipped to handle your photography and videography requirements.

  •   Event Photography
  •   Portrait Photography
  •   Product Photography
  •   Fashion Photography
  •   Architectural Photography
  •   Sports Photography
  •   Advertising Photography
  •   Aerial Photography
  •   Brand Video
  •   Commercials / Ads
  •   Corporate Video
  •   Testimonial Videos
  •   Product video
  •   Video Presentation
  •   Explainer Videos
  •   Aerial Cinematography


What are the type of logo designs Pixelhen is capable of designing?

Pixelhen is one of the top identity design agency that houses the most elite and the best logo designers in Bangalore, India. With our flexible and efficient consultant network, we work with the most talented logo designers in the world and are one of the top logo design companies in Bangalore, India. We are capable of designing a variety of logo design as we work with the experts specific to your industry.

Here are a few types of logo design we deliver:

Wordmarks/Logotypes - wordmark or logotype is a font-based logo design that focuses on a business' name alone.

Monogram logos - Monogram logo design or lettermarks are logo designs that consist of letters, usually brand initials.

Symbols/Brand Marks - Graphics-based logo design or an icon that encompasses your brand.

Abstract logo - An abstract geometric form that represents your organization.

Character / Mascot logo - logos that involve an illustrated character.

Combination Marks - A logo design comprised of a combined wordmark or lettermark and a pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot.

Emblem - Logo design that consists a font inside a symbol or an icon; basically badges, seals, and crests.

Why get a sales presentation design?

Your sales presentation is the entry point for securing and acquiring business. Having a well designed and well thought out sales presentation can be a helping hand in successfully accomplishing your objectives. We at Pixelhen are the industry leaders in terms of design, and we provide one the best identity design service and industry leaders in terms of content which equips us to create the best sales presentation design.

Why do I need a brand video?

Videos are the most effective ingredient for customers to identify and relate to your business. It engages the audience and puts an instant understanding of the nature of business.

Here are a few points to consider :

Video is one of the top shared content on social media. The human brain process videos 60,000 times faster than written content. Google deems informative content and takes you a step ahead on search.

We at Pixelhen are content crazy, and We love creating the most engaging content with best editing team we are one of the top video production companies in Bangalore, India.

We are experts in corporate video production service and create the most creative and engaging videos that highlight your brand effectively. We believe that creativity is at its best when it's free, and we are always open to ideas and we make sure we hear every detail that you would love to emphasize about your organization and we make sure we strategize accordingly and create videos that penetrate through the competition and makes a lasting impression with sense awe, making us one of the best video production companies in Bangalore,India.

Why is identity design important?

An effective brand identity is one of the most crucial factors that emphasize your brand values and brand messaging. Any promotional or visual element of your business can create an impact if designed with an inherent strategy. Brand identity design is more than just a logo. Its a visual element utilized in a genre of marketing materials.

This might include:

Business card design

Stationary design

Print materials design (brochures design, reports design, flyers design, etc.)

Signage design

Product packaging design

Apparel design

Website design

We believe, creating a cohesive and professional brand identity design is significant for a convincing branding strategy. To Create brand identity, It requires research and attention to detail to successfully achieve the goals of a business and gives off the appropriate brand message. We at Pixelhen are the best identity design company that can assist and guide you through the process of brand identity design.

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