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Social Media Marketing

Slash through the competition. Charge up your brand with creative and strategic marketing campaigns on social media with Pixelhen social media marketing services.




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At Pixelhen, we understand that social media marketing is all about creative content and strategic thought leadership, which gives the much-needed attention and attraction to a brand. We plan distinctively innovative social media strategies that are result oriented and time frame bound.

Social media marketing is the process of gathering and gaining attention and traffic through Social Networks.

At Pixelhen, we define our strategies based on our client's marketing objectives. We create a full cycle marketing road map for our clients considering their current positioning on social media as Pixelhen is a full service digital agency and one the reliable and a top digital marketing agencies in Bangalore, India. Our objectives with our clients aren't just to enhance their social presence; we believe in building enduring brand strategies that are ingrained. Our content marketing teams and the best creative copywriting team spends time in understanding your necessities and define our approach in a manner which embodies on having a vociferous social presence, and thus we bring in strategies that give life to the brand.

Our content marketing teams and the creative copywriting team spends time in understanding your necessities and define our approach in a manner which embodies on having a vociferous social presence, and thus we bring in strategies that give life to the brand.

Our very thought is "We just don’t run campaigns, we build brands"

We monitor and understand the 3Ws approach of what, why, and when and also things your prospective customers are interested in and subsequent to that we design our approach.

Our surveys and digital strategies have gained the objectives for our clients over a period of time.

We make your social presence fun and creatively interesting in all aspects. We manage all facets of your social campaign and connect you with customers.

What we offer
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Social Media Marketing Services

We are associated with most elite marketers who can develop ingenious strategies that can transform your brand.



Brand Management

We integrate together a cumulative mix of efficacious components that define a brand, position a brand, and include its own brand voice, which delivers the most extensive brand value persistently on digital media.

Our brand management service is built with an extensive framework for all the digital extensions through which we enable a roadmap for understanding and managing your brands. We conduct meticulous research from time to time and enable you to stay ahead of your competition.


Social Listening & Monitoring

Social Listening and monitoring is the most essential ingredient to establish a brand's cognizance and is pivotal in understanding consumer emotions online.

Pixelhen digital marketing service professionals enable an integrated approach of real-time metrics and social media strategy, which helps you connect and identify your audience. With strategic analytics, we help you recognize your audience and their interaction levels, their likes and dislikes, improving your social media reach and help establish a stronger brand voice.


Campaign Amplification

Pixelhen's digital marketing and social media marketing services are devised with an efficient utilization strategy that can create and magnify brand awareness and brand engagement.

Content is the key ingredient for any social media campaign, but what good is it if no one sees it?

Our Campaign amplification service is designed to extend and amplify your social media reach and to help grasp an understanding of what your audience is looking for, and help you create the relevant content for your brand and strategize social media advertising to build a stronger audience base for your brand.

Our social media advertising professionals engage in conscientious research and make sure each penny of your pay per click advertising fund is well spent.


Optimization & Measurement

Without analytics and measurement, social media marketing and social media advertising strategies are just blind and deaf.

Pixelhen assists you in evaluating and obtaining the proof of performance of each marketing campaign, and our teams collaborate with you to help you understand what campaigns are working and what's not. We evaluate every microscopic detail of your brand and its social media assets and assist you in optimizing your social media marketing initiatives for an effective outcome.



Can Pixelhen increase leads for my business?

Yes, We can increase credible leads for your business through our digital marketing services.

We not only increase potential leads but also conduct our campaigns with effective strategies that amplify your brand presence significantly. Pixelhen is one of the top social media marketing agencies in Bangalore, India, and can increase your brand persona online.

How can Pixelhen help increase my brand awareness?

Pixelhen is one of the best online marketing agency in Bangalore, India. The reason being that we don't ignore branding. Branding is a strategy that produces real-time results over the course of a period. It's a long-lasting, effective, and a characteristic digital outliner.

A good brand strategy with the rite messaging has a higher probability to onboard new customers onto your business in huge numbers. We at Pixelhen are the masters of brand building. We establish content authority and strength your brand authority through the most skillfully crafted engaging content that can supersede your competition and position your brand authoritatively. We are the best social media marketing companies in Bangalore, India. We are masters of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, etc. and can effectively strategize your advertising campaigns. We are experts of various tools and methodologies for content promotion. Our technological and marketing experience has made us the leading social media marketing agency, and we are fully equipped with all the skill sets required to rapidly enhance your brand awareness.

What are the Social media platforms utilized by Pixelhen?

We work with most of the social media platforms as we are one of the top social media marketing agencies in Bangalore, India and our consultant networks allow to working social media marketing experts across each social platform. Here a few Social media platforms we offer marketing service for:

Facebook marketing services
Twitter marketing services
LinkedIn marketing services
Pinterest Marketing Services
Internet marketing services

What is media spend or advertising spend?

Advertising spend or media spend is a part of an organization's overall sales or marketing budget that can be viewed as an investment in an organizations growth.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is one of the best ways to personalize ad campaigns, and remarketing can be an effective driver to engage online customers.

Remarketing is a process of targeting customers who have already engaged or demonstrated an interest in your products or services. It allows you to re-engage the customer who has interacted with your brand extension but has not followed through a profitable conversion.

Once you identify your target audience, you can retarget them with a specialized ad that promotes the products they already viewed. These ads turn out to be highly personalized and very effective.

There are various methods to remarket and re-engage your customers online.

Display Ads

Displays ads are for the audience who have already visited your website or have interacted with your brand Extension.

Email remarketing

Email remarketing allows you to target prospects on email, and you can create ad campaigns specifically for those who open your emails.

Since the prospects who open your emails already have demonstrated their interest in your products or services, using email remarketing, you can keep your brand engaging their mind.

Remarketing list search ads

You can also display ads on the search engines. With this form of remarketing ads, you will be able to target those who have visited your website or interacted with your brand extension

Search retargeting

Search retargeting offers a unique form of retargeting. where you can find customers, who have searched and looked at products or services that are similar to what you offer. This form of retargeting allows you to broaden your potential reach.

Video remarketing

Display ads through YouTube. Prospects who have visited your channel or your videos can be retargeted through ads while they browse elsewhere on the Google display network.

We at Pixelhen design our campaigns with a strategic outlook that enhances your brand presence at each stage. We make sure each campaign delivers excellence throughout the campaign hence shaping us as one of the top digital marketing experts in Bangalore, India.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach concentrated on creating and distributing reliable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a determined audience — and, eventually, drive profitable customer action. We at Pixelhen have a creative brilliance when it comes to content marketing and is the best content marketing agencies in Bangalore, India.

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