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UI / UX Design

We keep ourselves inspired and are always on our toes to keep an eye and abreast the latest user experience innovations the world seeks for.



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UI/UX Design //

We love designing, building, and deploying mobile and web apps. Our user interface designers have the expertise in a wide spectrum, and they integrate their skills in designing such applications which creates a completely new end user experience. We design advanced mobile and web solutions for business, communication, social networking, and entertainment.

The evolution of digital technologies is becoming complex by the day. Any application must remain simple and easy to use and should be effective to execute complete tasks as efficiently as possible.

At Pixelhen, we are equipped with the most unique set of tools to provide the best user experience designs. We collect all the important information about the users to create a distinctive and well informed visual experience. We research in depth about the products and make sure we outline a design that is easy to use and is uniquely presentable.

We think beyond boundaries and try to innovate every aspect of the design and ultimately provide the best user experience design.

Regular User Interfaces cannot provide the experience users come across while accessing in variety of devices. From the business perspective, this is of utmost importance, as they say , it's always best to meet your prospects where they are and when they want.

Pixelhen specializes in delivering creatively channelized User interface design, which is attractive and user-friendly with a high degree of ease of access. We provide the best user interface design service that results in the best user experience with minimal effort.

Our strong domain experience enables us to provide full cycle design strategies that enrich your users at every stage of operation.

At Pixelhen, we make use of the optimum resources , even at low budgets , to make sure we provide an authentic and QC tested services to you. You will have a rich experience to observe quality and innovation in all fronts ranging from simple mobile apps to a complex web portal.

We deliver quality, and we do it quickly too.


Why is UX needed, if you can just design UI and that's it?

User interface (UI) is the visual elements of your product or service that consumers interact with, This could be of different sizes based on the device such as iPhone, iPad, Android, or just simply different screen sizes for the web browser.

User experience (UX) incorporates all the aspects of consumers interact with the product, service, or organization. We at Pixelhen prioritize on each detail significantly regarding customer experience design, we quantify every interaction,animation, design element, icon, etc. to achieve the best user experience design.

How do Pixelhen plan a UI project?

To produce the highest value and user experience design (UX) through user interface design, we have outlined a basic plan.

Strategising - We conduct substantial research. We conduct interviews with potential customers; We evaluate each detail in regards to your business objectives your vision, your product or service roadmap, etc.

Thoughtful Scoping - We arrive at the list of requirements that aid in achieving your vision, objectives, and the target audience that you plan to position your products or services and generate an exemplary brand experience.

Impactful Structure - We establish a clean and impactful information architecture and information flow for the products or services which captures every significant detail.

Prototyping - We create a high-level interface design enabling you to identify changes or restructuring your product or service.

Visual Demonstration - We present each screen,navigational flow, and content flow of your product or services.

Why hire Pixelhen as your design partner?

We are design hoots who love and value design in all variable forms, Our design teams are passionate artists who can craft the most winsome experience to your audience with delightful and appealing designs, We are one of the best creative agency in Bangalore, We have mastered the art of balancing professionalism and creative experience and are the best design partners for you.

What is user experience design and the human factor?

User experience (UX) incorporates all the aspects of a consumers interaction with the product, service, or organization, but the human factor transcends beyond a product or service.

In simple words, the Human factor is perception psychology and the art of understanding beyond users and products. This understanding outlines human strengths and limitations. A strong understanding on how the human mind acts and reacts, how the working memory and long term memory impacts etc. can shape designs that translate to higher rate of influence. We, as the best UI/UX design agency in Bangalore, give the human factor the highest significance and conduct multiple studies to understand how the human factor and help utilize our knowledge effectively for our clients.

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