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A flock of creative talent unified to create a staggering aura for your branding, marketing and website design with prolific excellence, thought leadership and innovation.



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//Who we are

We are a flock of talented Digital designers, marketers, and technology Experts spread across India and headquartered in Bangalore.

We are a flock of talented digital designers, marketers and technology experts spread across india and headquartered in bangalore. We holistically work to build enduring, enriched and engaging brands with a competitive advantage.

We, at Pixelhen, are the proprietors of innovation and digital marketing to the basic sense, and we visualise this to be the forerunner of all technological and marketing applications coming of age. Pixelhen conceptualises its vision on the forecasting capabilities, the intellectual pool, and the bonhomie of knowledge sharing globally with such doyens in this field.

Our highly motivated attitude combined with our diverse consultant base has enabled us to be one of the top digital agencies in India We manifest in creating a tumultuous appeal for your organisation which enhances the recognition of your brand and the profuse trademark quality you would like your brand to be known for.

We mentor our diverse clientele to provide us their solution expertise in their core business, and we act on it to bring them to the apex of the industry. We work under the protégé of renowned technological and marketing innovations and bring them onto you with an economic outlook. The world is yet to see the best as always has been the belief, and the best is yet to come. Throughout since the advent of the new century, myriad of technologies and marketing strategies have been superseding each other to provide an effective technology for human resources which will diminish their day-to-day chores.

Pixelhen practices this concept to the grass root level as we continue to break down new grounds and deliver new solutions related to technology and marketing as our focus emphasises on the high-quality customer service and satisfaction which is a custom in Pixelhen.

We believe in digital innovation through thought leadership and creative excellence. We help you expound brand success through our diverse range of services, We are your web design company when you need us to be, or we are your digital marketing agency when you need us to be or a creative agency. Hence, we are a full-service digital agency, and yes! We are your digital advantage.

At Pixelhen, we consistently endeavour to upgrade all our existing tools and methodologies, incorporate our own innovation, and embrace out-of-box ideologies to create a completely different and stupendous aura of branding, website design, and digital marketing in its own indigenous way.

The Digital Advantage

Get a glimpse of the energy that we spark, creativity that we ignite and the ideology that we diffuse. Connect with us on youtube for more of our adventures and creative showreels

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//Current Skills


Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. With every service we try to bring pronounced value and experience that drives business.

Strategic Consulting

Accomplished professional consultants who are competent to transform and aggrandize your brand on the digital landscape.
01. -
User Experience Strategists
Social Media Strategists
Go to Market Strategists
Brand Transformation Strategists
Content Strategists

Design Skills

Exceptionally creative and enthusiastic designers with the ability to magnify your brand.
02. -

Graphic Designers

Website Designers

Motion Graphics Designers

Developer Skills

Innovative and efficient developer network which is capable of engineering the most complicated application systems with ease.
03. -
Html 5
Java Script


Efficacious marketers with the exemplary comprehension of the latest tools, marketing technologies, research methodologies, and pronounced grasp over various industries.
04. -


Content Marketers

Social Media Marketers


What to expect by working with Pixelhen?

Pixelhen is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Bangalore, India. We are a full-service digital agency in Bangalore, and We are equipped with a collection of digital services ranging from website development, content marketing, content writing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and much more. We would be the agency that can help you achieve your specific business needs.

These points will help you determine just that!

We help you define your goals – We identify why you need digital marketing and what you want to achieve through it. if you should launch your business online? or increase your brand awareness? or target a new market? we will guide you and strategize for you. We make sure we set objectives to achieve your business goals.

We conduct research – Pixelhen consists of an impeccable market research team who are well equipped for both qualitative and quantitative research. We narrow down every detail that surrounds your organization. We conduct intense research of competitors,brand reach, engagement, and then strategize an optimized digital strategy for your organizational success.

We provide metrics – these are the real numbers that matter. KPIs (key process indicators) are a way to measure if your strategy is delivering the results intended. We are an agency that can provide you the key metrics in digital marketing and ensure that we have a communication plan to provide you these metrics regularly. Some important metrics are the number of unique visitors, time spent on the site, bounce rate, cost per click, traffic source numbers, and social media KPI's.

We aim for the best value, not the best price – Yes, price plays a huge role, but we do not simply go with the strategies that offer you the cheapest rate. Instead, we assess how much value your business will gain for the strategy. This will ensure that we are in fact, "investing" in a digital strategy and not just "spending" on it.

What industries does Pixelhen caters its services to?

Pixelhen is capable of providing its services to most industries. Our consultant network consists of industry experts and innovative talent across the digital spectrum.

If you're looking to pilot your business towards the digital web, We are the best agency to work with, Our digital experts and our consultant network consist of the best website designers, top SEO experts, best social media marketing experts, and creative copywriters. We provide end to end digital services with exemplary quality.

What does Pixelhen offer with strategic consulting?

We offer industry leading strategic consulting services. Pixelhen is one of the best online marketing agencies in Bangalore, India. Our strategic consulting teams offer guidance, training, and strategy to your online marketing teams aiding you to create the most effective and innovative digital solutions. Our digital strategists are industry experts who are well versed with latest tools, technologies, and online know how.

Is Pixelhen startup friendly? In terms of budget.

Yes, we are a collaboration of elite and talented strategists to provide the highest value to every client. We at Pixlehen love startups and provide the most cost-effective strategies and solutions to startups, we have aligned the most conclusive and budget-friendly offerings for startups. Since we are startup ourselves, we aim at giving the highest quality of service to each startup and aim to be a startup-friendly digital marketing agency.

Let's collaborate for digital excellence!

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