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Movi Innovation


Project Details

With every project, we try to break new grounds of innovation and creativity that transcends each client from the competition.

Movi Innovation

A highly reputed and experienced print company.

Movi Innovation is one of the leaders in the printing industry in Bangalore with an experience of 20 years, providing printing solutions to multiple corporate business and educational institutions across Karnataka.

Movi Innovations had a clear and straightforward requirement. They required a Monogram that could be utilized on multiple brand collaterals with ease and a simple website that could showcase their services effectively.

We at Pixelhen, worked with the client and established a strong visual identity that would catch the eye of the brand's consumers and also shaped a brand strategy that could enable the brand with transformational growth.

We structured a straightforward and simple responsive one-page website design that significantly enhances the brand appeal and also showcases the services offered effectively.

Client Review.

" Pixelhen is one the most honest digital agencies we have come across they don't charge unnecessarily and are very reasonably priced and are very quick in providing solutions. They are very helpful and have guided us with insights on how to gain more business without any charges. One of the best digital agencies in Bangalore, we highly recommend them."

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