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MSR Infratech Pvt Ltd


Project Details

With every project, we try to break new grounds of innovation and creativity that transcends each client from the competition.

MSR Infratech Pvt Ltd

A company specializing in designing, planning, and executing large scale construction projects.

The Founders of MSR Infratech had a clear understanding on how their brand needs to be presented and what the brand needs to indicate and who their brand would cater to.

We started with a prototypical process involving the client in the creative idea with an iterative journey approach. We then gave shaped the design to the client's desires. The logo design is a tangible monogram that creates a unique and consistent visual experience with a regal outlook; we then shaped a unique brand identity that emphasizes the brand significantly.

We also engaged with the client to enable them with a customer relationship management module and structured their digital infrastructure for communications and collaborations.

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