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VKavasa Projects Pvt Ltd


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With every project, we try to break new grounds of innovation and creativity that transcends each client from the competition.

VKavasa Projects Pvt Ltd

VKavasa is a turnkey road safety & parking safety company, aiming to be the preferred road and parking safety partner with a key focus on facilitating the latest technologies to Indian road safety.

The company delivers premium services through proven technologies and high-quality products integrated with premium services.In analyzing the market, we at Pixelhen understood the most lucrative trends in the domain. Consumers demand a high rate of transparency and convenience, and the importance of a higher brand reach and trustworthy brand identity was significant.

So we at Pixelhen crafted a logo design that connects the brand to its consumers and represents the brand vision of safety just with a glance at the logo. We continued to establish a unique brand identity design that communicates the brand's idealogy through each touchpoint. We made sure that consumers are aware that the brand is not just about building roads but also about bringing safety and helping the country have greater road safety.

Pixelhen's website design service teams engineered a progressive website that establishes the brand's purpose throughout each section of the website design. In collaboration with our SEO experts and digital strategists, our content writing teams formulated a strong content strategy that would highlight the brand's purpose and aligns with the brand message. Today, VKavasa is successfully transforming and bring its significant road and parking safety services across India. VKavasa has transformed into a brand with a committed brand identity and purpose with a highly effective website design.

Client Review.

" Working with Pixelhen has been an incredible journey from the start. We reached out to them just considering a website, but once the discussions began, they educated us on the importance of building a strong brand identity and SEO, and today the results of the work they put in are evident to us and is fetching a great deal of business and providing high impact. We highly recommend Pixelhen its one of the best digital marketing agencies we have come across they very friendly and professional and highly innovative and talented."

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