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Social Media Marketing

Slash through the competition. Charge your brand with creative and strategic marketing campaigns on social media with the top social media marketing agency. With Pixelhen, you work with an elite team of professionals and social media marketing experts.

The Best Social Media Marketing Company in Bangalore, India.

Captivate your customers, increase revenues by working with the top social media marketing company, and accelerate your business, social media presence, and engagement rate.

We enable our customers to look distinctive across social media platforms and help businesses connect and engage audiences with an effective social media plan. We efficiently connect the dots for your brand's success on social media and plan efficacious strategies to amplify brand awareness, reach, and engagement.

Our teams work as your digital marketing extension, not just as another agency. We believe in creating strong partnerships with our clients and establish a value-based collaboration that translates as your digital advantage.

At Pixelhen, we have a pool of digital marketing experts, creative designers, talented content producers, and writers with varied experiences in various industries. We assemble the right talent to create value in your social media marketing efforts and create the best social media marketing campaigns that augment your digital marketing campaigns.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your social media marketing requirements. From creating compelling content to social media automation, we can cater to all your social media marketing needs.

Why consider social media marketing ?

Accelerated Brand Awareness

Social media marketing is the best and cost-effective method to increase your brand visibility with Pixelhen social media marketing service. You can be sure that your brand reaches a broad audience of potential customers, and your brand reputation and awareness are influential positioned.

Higher Conversion Rate

Social media marketing allows you to reach a large audience pool effectively, and an active brand awareness helps your brand obtain a higher rate of conversion. Pixelhen offers optimized and cost-effective social media strategies that give your brand an influential position.

Influential Brand loyalty

Social media marketing presents an opportunity for brands to know their customers, engage with them, understand their needs, and optimize their experience, offering opportunities for customers to bond with a brand. Which is the essential need for inviolable brand loyalty.

Prominent Brand Authority

Interaction with a customer is essential in establishing brand authority. Social media marketing is an active ingredient in achieving a prominent brand authority. It enables your brand to interact with your customers regularly and build a strong relationship that translates to a prominent brand presence.

The Best Social Media Marketing Services

We are associated with the top social media experts,
and Pixelhen is one of the best social media marketing companies to work with for all your social marketing needs.

Social Media Management Service

Relax while we work! We offer the best social media marketing service. We manage all aspects of your brands, social media profiles.

Social Media is a pivotal touchpoint for shoppers both in the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) industry. At Pixelhen our teams, collaborate with you and manage your business's social media profiles with superlative standards.

We integrate a cumulative mix of efficacious components that define a brand, position a brand, and include its brand voice, which persistently delivers the most extensive brand value on social media. Our Social Media Management service is built with an extensive framework for all the digital extensions through which we enable a roadmap for understanding and managing your brands. We conduct meticulous research from time to time that allows you to stay ahead of your competition.

You can be sure of your brand's social media presence with Pixelhen. Our teams are social media marketing specialists with expertise in various industries.

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Social Media Advertising Service

Get maximum results for your marketing spend. Work with competent social media advertising experts and optimize your social media advertisings spends and drive results.

Whether you are looking to enhance your brand's social media presence or drive targeted leads through social media advertising, our social media advertising services can help you achieve your goals and augment your social media presence effectively.

Reaching the right people at the right time is what matters! Our teams create diverse strategies that drive the highest value. Pixelhen's digital marketing and social media marketing services are devised with an efficient utilization strategy that can create and magnify brand awareness and brand engagement.

Content is the critical ingredient for any social media campaign, but what good is it if no one sees it?

Our social media advertising service amplifies your social media reach. Our team of social media advertising professionals engage in meticulous research and make sure each penny of your advertising fund is well spent.

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Social Media Optimization Service

It's vital for brands to consider social media optimization service to build brand success.

We help your brand stay on target. We identify the right channels, recommend and build the right content that brings more value to your brand, and resonates with the audiences you cater too.

We optimize your social media posts and make sure the posts reach more prospects relevant to your brand and its content. We create comprehensive strategies that connect your social media channels and website. Our teams work with you and make sure you get a higher engagement rate and surge in potential reach for each of your posts. Through our social media optimization service, your brand can get enhanced brand awareness and build relationships with your audience and enable you to have an unmatched social media presence.

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Influencer marketing and Celebrity Management

Get your brand endorsed by the right influencers and celebrities who bring the most value to your brand.

Pixelhen, being one of the top digital marketing agencies, keeps itself abreast of digital trends and marketing know-how and actively conducts social media research to enable our clients to have a value-based social media marketing experience.

Our teams conduct extensive research and create ideal strategies for your brand's influencer marketing and celebrity endorsement initiatives. We identify and connect you to the right celebrities and influencers to create immense value for your brand and its marketing efforts.

We connect and build relationships with the most significant advocates on the internet and create a value-based strategic marketing effort that results in higher brand value, brand voice, and amplifies your brand reach.

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Can Pixelhen Increase leads for my business?

Yes, We can increase credible leads for your business through our digital marketing services.

We increase potential leads and conduct our campaigns with effective strategies that amplify your brand presence significantly. Pixelhen is one of the top social media marketing agencies in Bangalore, India, and can increase your brand persona online.

Will Social media marketing help my brand awareness?

Pixelhen is one of the best online marketing agencies in Bangalore, India. The reason being that we don't ignore branding. Branding is a strategy that produces real-time results over the course of a period. It's a long-lasting, effective, and a characteristic digital outliner.

A good brand strategy with the rite messaging has a higher probability to onboard new customers onto your business in huge numbers. We at Pixelhen are the masters of brand building. We establish content authority and strength your brand authority through the most skillfully crafted engaging content that can supersede your competition and position your brand authoritatively. We are the best social media marketing companies in Bangalore, India. We are masters of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and can effectively strategize your advertising campaigns. We are experts in various tools and methodologies for content promotion. Our technological and marketing experience has made us the leading social media marketing agency. We are fully equipped with all the skill sets required to rapidly enhance your brand awareness.

What is social media marketing spend or advertising spend?

Advertising spend or media spend is a part of an organization's overall sales or marketing budget that can be viewed as an investment towards an organization's growth.

What social media platform does Pixelhen work on?

We work with most of the social media platforms. We are one of the top social media marketing agencies in Bangalore, India, and our consultant networks allow working social media marketing experts across each social platform.

Here a few Social media platforms we offer marketing service for:

Facebook marketing service
Twitter marketing service
LinkedIn marketing service
Pinterest marketing service
youtube marketing service
Instagram marketing service

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is one of the best ways to personalize ad campaigns, and remarketing can be an effective driver to engage online customers.

Remarketing is a process of targeting customers who have already engaged or demonstrated an interest in your products or services. It allows you to re-engage the customer who has interacted with your brand extension but has not followed through a profitable conversion.

Once you identify your target audience, you can retarget them with a specialized ad that promotes the products they already viewed. These ads turn out to be highly personalized and very effective.

There are various methods to remarket and re-engage your customers online.

Display Ads

Displays ads are for the audience who have already visited your website or have interacted with your brand Extension.

Email remarketing

Email remarketing allows you to target prospects on email, and you can create ad campaigns specifically for those who open your emails.

Since the prospects who open your emails already have demonstrated their interest in your products or services, using email remarketing, you can keep your brand engaging their mind.

Remarketing list search ads

You can also display ads on search engines. With this form of remarketing ads, you will be able to target those who have visited your website or interacted with your brand extension

Search retargeting

Search retargeting offers a unique form of retargeting. Where you can find customers who have searched and looked at products or services that are similar to what you offer. This form of retargeting allows you to broaden your potential reach.

Video remarketing

Display ads through YouTube. Prospects who have visited your channel or your videos can be retargeted through ads while browsing elsewhere on the Google display network.

We at Pixelhen design our campaigns with a strategic outlook that enhances your brand presence at each stage. We make sure each campaign delivers excellence throughout the campaign hence shaping us as one of the top digital marketing experts in Bangalore, India.

Let's accelerate your brand presence?

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